Thank you for visiting “Coffee Talk” series of blogs on sharing professional and personal experiences for making small changes and adding huge impact in your family life, workplace, and achieving your academic goals.

The title of my blog is a very personal one, it was inspired by a special friendship that was slowly brewing with a former manager and mentor who I admire greatly early in my career. Every afternoon we would walk and talk all the way to and from the nearest cafe. It wasn’t about the cup of warm drink, it was the companionship, the conversations and for the simple reason of stepping away from the confinement of our office.

Over time and as rich as the aromatic cup of roasted beans, I have found the value of our afternoon perk. It was our time to “connect, empower and transform”.

As much as possible I will share a post, profiling some great blogs to inspire and employ my own experiences to appeal, gain new readers, and build a more engaged community.

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