Failure is just part of life and the risk we choose to take on a daily basis. I am not perfect. I make mistakes as a daughter, as a sister, as a wife, as a friend, and yes, as a manager — plenty of it!  The key to all of this madness is to learn from them. Trust me, I am still working on many of my flaws.

As I browsed for something meaningful to read, I tend to read a lot of Dan Rockwell’s articles and watch his videos. This one resonated with me specifically Dr. Cloud’s quote about how “Leaders need outside voices to provide emotional and functional support…”

Often times I am asked to bring solutions to complicated problems at work and quite honestly, I don’t have all the answers. Instead of isolating myself, I rely on my sphere of mentors, staff and service experts for their insights and opinions. Here’s a great excerpt from the article, click below to read more on how you can better connect with your co-workers and colleagues.



All leaders have “special” built in over-reactions, biases in perception, and instinctual responses that don’t work. Acknowledging “special qualities” opens and strengthens leadership.

How can leaders overcome the tendency to isolate?

What behaviors help leaders connect?

Read more about Dr. Henry Cloud, Isolated Leadership: Dangers and Solutions .

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