Chanda’s Daily Intentions 03052018

In time of transitional change, whether it is planning your family’s next big move across the country or out of the country, living without your spouse while he/she is on deployment, job search or start a new business venture…the list can be p-r-e-t-t-y lengthy! The thought of it all can be difficult to deal with and intimidating.

We often try to take 10 steps at once when working towards a goal—and it can feel overwhelming.  This blog post is more of a self-reminder to be more productive in times of change and learn how to “address the elephant in the room” by taking a step back, slow down and cross one bridge at a time.

Today, think:  What’s the next big move you can take to get productive? Prioritize that move.

There’s a saying the “heart will achieve what the mind believes.” So, here’s my short list, just look at your keyboard, it’s all at your fingertip!

  • BACKSPACE – Take a step back and look around you from a different perspective.
  • PAUSE – Take a moment to pause and slow things down.
  • SHIFT – Make a shift in what you do and what you say and share.
  • ESCAPE – Yes, escape for a few minutes, hours or a day! Soak in the sun or treat yourself to a spa day.
  • ENTER – Every change is a window to a new opportunity or a new experience. For better or for worst, give it a try! Overthinking can be a detraction and keep you stagnant.
  • CONTROL – You’re in control of your mind and body. You’re the captain of your ship.
  • FUNCTION – Some people don’t give a function, but you’ll be more productive with a clear head.
  • ALTERNATE – If trying the first time doesn’t work, be flexible enough to give yourself an alternative solution. Some situations require more than one way to get the right result.
  • INSERT – Insert something new, whether it is a hobby or meeting new people.
  • PRINT SCREEN – What is your current situation? Reflect and renew your commitment to family and faith.
  • HOME – Always return to your true North, i.e. Home. Who/what grounds you?
  • CAP LOCK – Yes, we all have these moments.  Sometimes you need to let it all out and put everything in CAPs! That’s okay too.

By no means is this an exhaustive list. Share what you do to overcome these life changes and stay tune for more of Chanda’s Daily Intentions.

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