Chanda’s Daily Intentions 03062018

I’m always looking for ways to make improvements in mind and wellness. Most of the time we find that misery loves company so it turns into a big pity party. If you’re anything like me, I make an effort to stand as far away as possible from this kind of behavior and attitude.  “I don’t have time to feel bad for myself.” Sound familiar?  Instead,

Today, try out some self-compassion and  ‘productive pity party.’

Recently I have been on a health and fitness craze. I have eaten a pretty balance diet and stay fairly active. However, as I age, I realized that is not enough!  So, in order to counter the slower metabolism, I learned to manage my diet and eat healthier and in portions that is appropriate for me.  I have incorporated a mandatory gym time, at least one-hour a day for cardio and build strength.

The same goes with our mind.  Building a strong mind filled with positive and ambitious goals is a good thing, but an excessive amount of anything is bad for you.  If you don’t accomplish a goal, revise it. Modify it. The point is, keep an eye on your goals and how you get there fluid. Allow it to change with the changing environment and your surroundings. Paul Gilbert says it perfectly, “we can break those loops by becoming aware of how our brains work—by becoming aware of own awareness.”  Be empathetic and compassionate, but don’t allow yourself live constantly in the desolation so much you become an unrecognizable person to yourself and others around you.

Kira Newman makes a good point “The key is to experiment and figure out which one brings you a sense of comfort and warmth.”   If you continuously feed your mind with a negative attitude and anger, you will eventually be miserable all of the time.  My best advice is to turn off the noise and be in a place that you can hear yourself think. Surround yourself with people who are uplifting and a food source for your soul. It’s easy to get caught up in a pity party and office water cooler talk.

It’s about learning to turn the negatives into something positive. Sort of like, “turn that frown upside down” if you will.  We are much more critical of ourselves than anyone else from the way we look to our grades in school to the way we carry ourselves in public.  So, if you can take away anything today, take a moment to accept the tough parts of your goal. Know you’re not alone in feeling that way and show yourself some love for keeping at it.

I came across a couple of articles that I find to be good read for today’s Chanda’s Daily Intentions.  Grab your cup of Joe and work on turning that negative feeling into something productive.  Here are a couple of articles that may have some helpful tips.

How to Throw a Productive Pity Party

How to Turn Anger Into Compassion

Until next time, have a very nice and productive day!

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